Access Program


Before The Festival: If you have questions about our Access Program for patrons with disabilities, or requests for accommodation, email Please make sure to include your cell phone number. Last-minute requests for accommodation may be difficult to fulfill.

At The Festival: Stop by the Access HQ, located near the Merch Tent, where you may:

  • Get assistance and information about the Access Program
  • Check out an access wristband for permission to use the raised viewing platform for patrons with mobility disabilities
  • Recharge wheelchairs and scooters
  • Obtain the code for locked accessible toilets
  • Use the Sensory Calming Space
  • Use the Nursing and Pumping Room
  • Find Braille and Large Print program guides
  • Check out hearing protection for children (see details in last paragraph below)
  • Fill out a feedback form

After The Festival: Write with your comments. Help us improve each year!


See festival information here.

If you use a Wheelchair and are Coming by Train

Accessible Parking

  • All vehicles parking in Accessible Parking must display their government-issued accessible parking tag, placard, plate, or sticker and purchase a General Admission parking pass.
  • Persons who use wheelchairs and are parking in the Accessible Parking lot should alert parking staff that they use a chair. They will then be directed to an area that is very close to the entrance.
  • Those who do not use a wheelchair and who have a mobility disability may get a ride on the golf cart shuttle if needed.
  • Those who do not have the official accessible parking pass but who need close parking due to a mobility disability or medical condition, may park in General Admission Parking and notify the parking staff upon entry so that they may be parked near our shuttle stop.
  • All parking areas require the purchase of a parking pass.

Golf Cart Shuttles

  • Golf Cart shuttles will pick up patrons with mobility difficulties and one companion at the following locations:
    • Ride Share Drop Off
    • Eastern side of General Admission Lot
    • Accessible Parking

If you use a Wheelchair and are Getting Dropped Off

  • It is best to get dropped off in the Accessible Parking lot. When you enter the lot, notify the parking attendants that you use a wheelchair.
  • The golf cart shuttles are not ramp-equipped so are not able to pick up patrons who use wheelchairs unless they are using manual chairs and are able to transfer.


  • The Box Office at both the West and East Entrances has an accessible lane. Look for the sign with the wheelchair symbol.


  • The Sound On Sound Festival is held at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. This is mowed grass with some rougher ground, some paved pathways, and is mostly level terrain with a few gently sloping areas. Where festival layout creates walkways that cross curbs, ramps have been added.
  • To travel from one side of the venue to the other, following the paths, is approaching one half of a mile. For safety reasons, we cannot drive the golf cart shuttles inside the venue so please come prepared to get around the festival on your own. Some patrons will feel more comfortable bringing a mobility device.


  • Only those with mobility disabilities may use mobility devices.
  • Mobility devices such as manual and motorized wheelchairs, three and four-wheeled scooters, knee scooters, walkers, crutches, braces, and canes are welcome at this event.
  • Other mobility devices need to be evaluated and pre-approved by Sound On Sound to make sure they are safe to use in this situation. Contact with the make and model of your device and a link to the manufacturer’s website. We may need time to research the device so please give as much advance notice as you can. We may not be able to accommodate last minute requests.
  • For safety reasons, powered mobility devices that move faster than a walking speed or are heavier and larger than a wheelchair or scooter, including two-wheeled scooters, golf carts, or all-terrain vehicles, are NOT allowed.
  • Because of the distances that need to be covered, some people who do not always use mobility devices such as wheelchairs or scooters may wish to bring one. They are typically available to rent from your local medical supply store or ask your search engine “rent wheelchair/scooter near me.” You may want to get a chair with large wheels that you can operate yourself, as well as handles in the back in case you need assistance.


  • Accessible portable toilets are available in each cluster of toilets. There is also a bank of accessible toilets not far from the viewing platform. Some accessible toilets are locked to help maintain their cleanliness. Ask for the code to the locks at the Access HQ and at the platform.


  • Persons who are especially sensitive to sensory stimulation may stop by the Access HQ for ear plugs and are welcome to bring their own noise canceling headphones and fidgets. To bring such devices, write to in advance and use the Access Lane when you enter the festival.
  • The Access HQ will have a section of the tent walled off providing a Calm Space to relax away from visual stimulation (noise can still get through the tent sides).


  • There are two medical tents at the festival. The updated map will show their locations.
  • If you use portable oxygen tanks, please write to for our procedures.
  • Bring your medication in a prescription bottle with your name on the label. Be prepared to present state-issued photo ID to match.
    • Do not bring more medication than you need for the day.
    • Do not mix types of medication in one bottle.
    • Vitamins are not allowed.
    • Syringes must be accompanied by prescription medication.
    • Tip: Ask your pharmacist for small travel-sized prescription bottles.
    • You may bring a small, soft-sided cooler if you need to keep meds cool. Bring an empty plastic bag and stop by the Access HQ for ice to keep your medication cool. You may not bring ice or ice packs through the Entrances.


  • Persons with disabilities and their service dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for those persons with disabilities are welcome at the festival. Other types of animals and pets are not allowed.
  • Emotional support animals are not allowed.
  • Patrons with service animals should use the Access Lane when entering the festival and, after speaking with staff, will receive a service animal tag.
  • A service animal must be trained and if it does not adhere to the following conditions the handler will have to remove the animal from the site. The handler may return without the animal. The animal must:
    • Be housebroken
    • Be under the control of its handler at all times
    • Not threaten the health or safety of any person or animal
  • Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.
  • Anyone who has questions or needs regarding their service animal may write to or stop by the Access HQ during the festival.


  • Stop by the Access Center to use a program book in the communication style that works best for you.


  • Nursing or pumping moms are welcome to come by the Access HQ located near the Merch Tent. We have privacy, power, and a chair to offer. If you want to bring in a pump, please write to access@soundonsoundct.comto let us know in advance.


  • To help protect your child’s hearing, stop by the Access HQ to borrow a set of Baby Banz earmuffs. We have sizes for infants and children up to age 12 (max head circumference 21.5”). Borrow the earmuffs for the day and return them before departing. If the earmuffs are not returned, you will be charged $30.
  • Supplies are limited so be sure to stop by when you first arrive.


  • If an accommodation is needed that is not listed, contact
  • The festival does not provide push service or personal care.

We look forward to seeing you!