Sept 30 + Oct 1, 2023
Bridgeport, CT

If you mixed Elton John’s melodies with Randy Newman’s wit-filled lyrics and Chris Martin’s silky vocals and then put them on a baseball diamond you’d get Kieran Rhodes. Kieran was on track to play serious college baseball when he discovered a love for music in high school. He taught himself piano and began writing songs in his late teenage years. His single, “What Got Into You” earned him an honorable mention in the 2021 American Songwriter Contest. Most recently known for his viral audition on season 17 of America‚Äôs Got Talent, Kieran won the hearts of millions around the world with his original song, “Disengage” which chronicles a struggle with depression. With over 15 million views, the audition was praised by many including Billboard, Goldderby, and Simon Cowell himself.